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A Collective Dynamic Dedicated To Executives

We are all men and women who have gone through major professional transitions, in France and at international level. We know, because we have experienced it, how mutations can also be beneficial.

We see every day, having accompanied thousands of executives in all the fields and roles in the company, that you need both method, introspection and enthusiasm to start a new adventure, whatever this is. It is in knowing all those challenges that we founded Cap Dirigeant, a space aimed at the executives and their very specific problematics.

With some richness in multi-sectorial expertise and a method which can be adapted to each profile, our certified coaches are there to support you, to guide you, to allow you to reach the aim at each key step of your career path.

With Cap Dirigeant, you are not signing a contract, you are tying a long-term partnership

A Collaborative Work Method

We believe in the collective intelligence because it is when you put your ideas in common that we get the best momentum. As in a cooperative of talents, our efficiency comes from the mutualisation of our knowledges. Here, every associate contributes to the project of the others, in an open-source spirit, sharing their experiences, networks, practices and thus concretising the most fruitful ideas of each.

Tailor-Made And Evolutive Methods

We are convinced that to succeed, there is not one single path, one truth, but a cluster of elements that, when well combined, create the condition of success.

Whether it is to learn how to communicate on oneself, to boost one’s network, to better prepare future interviews, to consider an expatriation or to operate in a collective intelligence, our competencies are intersecting and completing each other to offer you precisely what you need.

The team

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