Cécile de Gennes

Associate Director

About Cécile de Gennes

Cecile de Gennes has accompanied business leaders in their persional and career development for over 20 years.

Cécile draws on an extensive experience across a range of business sectors, numerous companies and multiple business models and functions, all acquired throughout in excess of 20 years of organizational development consulting with an extensive client portfolio providing individual leadership support. Her extensive experience is matched with a solid understanding of current global financial and social economic trends.

Cécile brings a pragmatic approach to her work and quickly builds a deep understanding of her clients’ strategic and operational issues, including external market challenges, and internal corporate and organizational objectives, etc.

Cécile also works on a more “relational” level aiming to develop the positive attributes and at the same time confront the “limiting behavious” of the leaders she supports. She is particularly acute to the meaning and motivation derived from their individual persona’s and self-identity as organisational leaders.

An important part of Cécile’s client portfolio is comprised of senior managers undertaking outplacement, coaching, assessment and strategic career assessment.

Whilst Cécile brings a certain standardisation of best-practise method and processes to her support, she is nevertheless keen to adapt her approach to each indiviaul, taking into account each context and above all the personality and objectives of each leader that she supports.


Over a 15 year period, Cécile was initially Consultant, then Project Director and ultimately Business Unit Manager at Compagnie Générale d’Informatique (SSII) where she led multiple projects and teams through the design and implementation of solutions for large industrial and SME clients.

Subsequently, over the following 5 years, Cécile led various HR initiatives within at Compagnie Générale d’Informatique, and then the HR department of IBM France, on the theme of Job and Skills Management. In 2001 she joined the team of internal coaches at IBM France.

In 2002 she joined the executive team of Right Management where she led outplacement, coaching, assessment and debriefing missions with in excess of 400 managers in multiple sectors and professions, including large companies, leaders in their market, as well as SMEs.

Cécile joined ATOMOS CONSEIL in 2020, and is now part of CAP DIRIGEANT to where she continues her support to senior leaders and their teams.


Cécile graduated from AGROPARITECH and the National Forestry School of Nancy.

In 2002, she trained in coaching at International Mozaïk.

In 2003/2004, she undertook NLP training at IFPNL.

In 2021 she began a period of extended training, on the strategic systemic approach of the Palo Alto School, at the Grégory Bateson Institute in Paris and Liège.

In 2022 she started training in Mediation at IFOMENE (DU1 and DU2).

In 2023 she became an accreditted practitioner in Eriksonian Hypnosis at the IFPNL.

Cecile is certified in the use of the HOGAN Hogan Development Survey suite – HDS, Hogan Personality Inventory – HPI, Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory – MVPI), Management Research Group tools (Leadership Executive Assessment – LEA, Individual Directions Inventory-IDI).

She is a Member of the EMCC.