Dominique Mounier

Associate Director

About Dominique Mounier

Dominique Mounier accompanies individual leaders at key turning points in their career paths, which are opportunities for change or transformation.

A strong advocate for independence of choice, Dominique is convinced that finding meaning in one’s professional life is a determining factor for a fulfilled personal life. Working to identify one’s inner strengths, sometimes hidden from view, and developing one’s support network is the optimum way to circumvent obstacles and compensate for weaknesses. Dominique believes that everyone has the potential to discover, however this may not always be possible alone.

With an open approach, attentive to pragmatic realities as well as hopes and aspirations, and at the same time systematic and methodical, Dominique aims to assist those he accompanies in both reflection and taking action; in seeking self-awareness as well as tackling those questions often raised when embarking upon a new path.

  • Finding your way and gaining your voice.
  • Adapting without getting way-laid off-track.
  • Shaking off any inner constraints.

Having overseen numerous professional transitions that have led to significant changes, Dominique Mounier is acutely aware of how he might best bring his experience to bear in such situations. He also understands the value of a distinct personal positioning to facilitate successful professional networking.


A graduate of the HEC Business School, Dominique Mounier has lived and worked in several European countries, occupying roles within various industry sectors; first in international Business Development, then in General Management of P/L, both in large group subsidiaries and in Small-and Medium-sized enterprises.

Companies that have made a lasting impression during his career include Rhodia (Chemicals), Mars (FMCG food and beverage), Bourjois-Chanel (Beauty and Cosmetics), and Maison Louis Jadot (Fine Wines).

Dominique Mounier is highly adept at working in French, English and German, and can also break the ice in Dutch and Spanish should that be required.

His appetite for business change and transformation has led him to carry out various interim management assignments in France and Scandinavia.

In 2016, he decided to reorient his focus on people development and set up his own company, specialising in particular in supporting senior managers embarking upon professional change.


Dominique Mounier graduated at HEC.

Together with a group of like-minded experts, he organsises a circle for business creators and those within an interest in business acquisition, as well as maintaining an active interest in various other professional or support groups, and in addition he holds elected office within his local council at his place of residence situated not far from Lyon.