Béatrice Wodetzki

Associate Director

About Béatrice Wodetzki

As a seasoned ex-recruiter, Béatrice Wodetzki accompanies executives during periods of professional development and transition through coaching and outplacement support.

Béatrice Wodetzki brings wide-ranging experience to the table in both general business management and pure-play recruitment. She has guided and advised numerous business executives at points in their career path when they are taking significant decisions and has consequently built long term trusted relationships with them during the process. She puts her full expertise in recruitment combined with her coaching skills at the complete service of her clients, using an approach that is sufficiently structured whilst simultaneously allowing them to explore new possibilities.

Béatrice Wodetzki is fully familiar with the multiple challenges and expectations of different types of companies (large groups and multi-nationals as well Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, SMEs) by virtue of her varied experience and diverse client portfolio. Béatrice Wodetzki has worked both in France and abroad, within listed groups as well as smaller organisations.

At various points in her own career thus far to date Beatrice has often sought to examine more closely her own career choices and this process of self-awareness often helps her clients to feel more fully adapt in the next stage of their professional lives.

During outplacement assignments, Beatrice draws upon Cap Dirigeant’s in-house methodology in addition to her own extensive knowledge of the actual recruitment process currently used by head-hunters (recruiters’ expectations, the state-of-the-market, tools, strategies for direct approach, etc.). In addition, she encourages and assists her clients during periods of self-reflection in order that they might be more fully aware of their best-selves during their research.
Beatrice is a partner-coach who teams up alongside her clients according to their individual objectives and personalities. Combining empathy with and a pragmatic results-oriented mindset, she guides them to discover and articulate their strengths and weaknesses and to decide how best to use them. She helps them to identify which alliances to solidify in the service of their projects.


Beatrice Wodetzki’s own career was initially within the corporate world of automotive manufacturing in Germany and France.

In 2008, Béatrice Wodetzki was introduced to the agency world of recruitment. She stayed there for over ten years within both operations and management. During this time, she grew to relish the dynamic and inter-personal nature of recruitment and subsequently developed a natural affinity for individual coaching within the context of organisational change.

Today, as a fully certified coach, Beatrice continues to work at the heart of the senior talent marketplace, accompanying executives throughout their quest for new challenges. In addition, she provides coaching to individuals during key moments in their careers.

Beatrice Wodetzki regularly speaks at colleges and universities (notably ESSEC) to where she shares her expertise and enthusiasm for the executive development.


A graduate of ESSEC “Grande Ecole”, Beatrice Wodetzki is certified in coaching by International Mozaik and is certified in Process Com Coaching.

Her research paper was based on the question of “How to find alliances in order to play an effective role”. Beatrice focuses particularly on welcoming emotions and feelings, and how they align with the mind and body.