Our Process

Taking a New Direction

We are transformations facilitators

The apparition of new jobs, the transformation of strategic jobs, the development of collaborative organisations, the digitalization of some tasks, the acceleration of the intercultural are testifying the deep transformation of the professional landscape. We are accompanying this change.

Together, we clear the market’s weak signals. We share this new vision together. You, the leaders of today and tomorrow, will be the pathfinder for the changes to come.

You will find with us experts on the topic, able to decipher them for you.

Faced to these challenges, we are helping to adapt your posture in order to establish your leadership, integrate the new Codir/Comex, reinforce your strategic vision and engage an in-depth reflection on your drivers. How? In giving back meaning to your role as executive.

What makes us different? The complementarity of our activities, as the variety of the companies and jobs that we work with every day, allow us to develop a complete vision of the new needs of the organisations and their Executives.

Our connection to the business world feeds the relevance of our accompaniment, whether for taking a new position, a professional transition or a transformation to do.

The Executive Accompaniment

Our process is unique

In each transition, we see an opportunity.

The one of an essential beneficial breathing to explore your unexploited talents, to learn to navigate fearlessly in an ever more volatile environment and enrich your vision and approach your role as Executive better prepared and calmer.

In other words, adopting an attitude which will lead you to success.

A professional transition creating value.
Let’s write your future today



Whatever your professional project is, whether you are wishing to take the role of executive in France or at international level, whether you wish to start a business project, create or take back a company, become a consultant, we will be able to accompany you. With agility, we will put your project into perspective with your background and aspirations to help you make the best choice.


The strength of the network, the power of the collective intelligence

At key-moments of your path, sharing with your pairs is reinforcing and opening new perspectives. When it comes to building a new milestone, developing your network is essential. We are helping you to play fully the collective dimension. At Cap Dirigeant, you are learning to build and expand your network. Once you have acquired this reflex, it is an asset that will help you all along your path.


International approach

As we also experienced international careers, we can carry out an accompaniment in English and help you particularly to prepare your interviews. We also know what it is to come back from expatriation, whether it is to come back to France or to leave for other latitudes.


Tailor-made approach

An individual support is essential to take the whole measure of your ambitions: revealing your talents, defining a project which looks like you. We adapt our savoir-faire to your aims with a personalized accompaniment, chosen methods and targeted tools for your specific challenges.


The Executive Club

We are giving you the opportunity to join an active and inspiring community of executives, which will allow you to expand your network and exchange views with your peers in order to meet the major challenges related to your field and job. Moreover, the Club of the Executives is a sharing space to better apprehend the world of tomorrow!



With us, you are going to live meetings opening horizons and creating new perspectives: sharing with experts, testimonies on innovative career paths, meeting with new eco-systems (start-ups, funds…), innovating governance methods, entrepreneurship, etc.



The leadership of the executive is based as much on their expertise than on their soft-skills. We are going to help you get to know yourself better, so that you can make relevant use of your soft-skills and emotional intelligence, for a posture as an authentic leader, able to embark their teams toward a define course.

Welcome at Cap Dirigeant!

Welcome at Cap Dirigeant!