Catherine Grenet

Associate Director

The Career Path Of Catherine Grenet

Building on her background as an executive and her experience in coaching, Catherine Grenet is convinced that each executive can be the creator of a fulfilling career path and the promoter of authentic leadership, combining Meaning and Performance.

She accompanies executives, Codir and organizations on their individual growth and collective intelligence trajectory to meet all the challenges of a complex environment, the challenges as well as the opportunities!

In particular, through a customized approach and in alliance with executives and teams, she works to:

  • Develop meaningful leadership and enhance meaning and value talents
  • Build trust and cohesion within the Codir
  • Elaborate a clear, inspiring and operational vision (purpose, ambition, values in action)
  • Facilitate the change management and stimulate innovation
  • Unleash individual potentials, energy and team commitment.

She invites a fresh perspective, facilitates clear and courageous communication to prevent or regulate conflicts, stimulates the co-elaboration of solutions and models the pedagogy of the changes to be made in order to encourage the commitment of all.

In her coaching, Catherine always combines benevolence and high standards, and implements rigorous but always respectful processes to enable individuals and groups to grow in confidence and autonomy in a sustainable manner.

“A successful team is not a team that does not have problems, it is a team that knows how to solve them.” Having herself taken up the challenges of any company management, experienced buy-outs, team mergers and successfully led her professional reorientation, Catherine knows how much these key periods can be keys for growth and commitment, when one puts meaning, audacity, responsibility and trust in the long term.

Meaning, audacity, responsibility and trust: these are the values that guide her coaching practice and motivate the passion that drives her in her missions.

Her professional experiences

Catherine has 23 years of experience as an operational executive in companies: first in consulting and marketing research firms (Bossard Consultants, TN-AGB, Infratest-Burke) for clients such as Danone, Procter, l’Oréal, Orange, SNCF, then in the FMCG industry.

For 12 years, she contributed to various management committees, including the Codir of Coca-Cola France, as Marketing-Strategy-Development Director.

This career path has allowed her to cultivate her ability to listen to weak market signals, to develop a solid Business to Client marketing expertise as well as an intimate knowledge of team dynamics and governance issues.

As a coach and consultant for the past 12 years, she has accompanied executives, executive committees and their organizations in companies of various sectors and sizes: subsidiaries of large groups, SMEs, ETIs and start-ups.
Eager to pass on her knowledge and to contribute to the development of talents, she has also been involved on a voluntary basis for more than 10 years in several respects:

  • In the creation on the one hand: she leads an association of visual artists (Les Seize Anges) which operates a gallery in Paris and organizes many international exhibitions.
  • In the accompaniment of young people from diverse backgrounds to help them gain access to fields of excellence.

Her Education

Catherine is a graduate of the ESSEC Grande École.

She is a certified Transformance Pro and MBTI coach and is supervised monthly by Koan Coaching.

She is also trained in Transactional Analysis, Human Element (W. Schutz), NLP, Clarification (C. Berner), Process Com, IFS (R. Schwartz) and is currently undergoing certification in Process Work / Dynamic Meeting (A. Mindell).

In addition to coaching, she provides intra-company training in management and communication to help create a shared culture.

She regularly leads workshops in alumni associations or progress circles.