Catherine Grenet

Associate Director

About Catherine Grenet

Based on her extensive background as a business executive and her experience in coaching, Catherine Grenet is convinced that every executive can be the architect of a fulfilling career whilst enacting authentic leadership, combining meaning with performance.

Catherine Grenet accompanies senior executives, management boards and their organizations during exploratory periods of individual growth and by building on collective intelligence of teams to not only address the challenges but also the opportunities presented by operating within a complex and changing environment.

In particular, through a customized approach working in partnership with executives and senior leadership teams Catherine strives to:

  • Develop more meaningful leadership that values talents
  • Deepen and enhance trust and cohesion within the executive team
  • Articulate a clear, inspirational and operational vision putting purpose, ambition, and values into action
  • Facilitate change management and stimulate innovation
  • Unleash potential within individuals, and raise team motivation and engagement.

Catherine invites her clients to take a fresh perspective, facilitates clear and courageous communication in order to circumvent or at least mitigate conflict, and encourages joint articulation of potential solutions, putting structure on proposed changes so as to secure the commitment of all involved.

Throughout her coaching, Catherine has always combined compassion with exemplary standards, and implements business process with rigour and consideration thereby enabling individuals and groups to grow sustainably in confidence and autonomy.

“A successful team is not a team without problems; it is a team that knows how to solve them.” Having herself taken up the challenges of business management, experiencing M&A and team mergers and also successfully navigating her own professional career changes, Catherine Grenet understands how much these pivotal moments can serve as the keys for unlocking future growth, when leaders are equipped to face the course ahead with renewed meaning, daring, and an accountability that brings trust and confidence in the long term.

Meaning, daring, accountability and trust: these are the true values that underpin her coaching practice and motivate the passion that spurs Catherine forward in her varied assignments.


Catherine Grenet has over two decades of experience as an operational executive in business: first of all within Consulting and Market Research (Bossard Consultants, TN-AGB, Infratest-Burke) where she served clients including Danone, Procter, l’Oréal, Orange, SNCF, and then subsequently within FMCG.

Over a 12 year period, Catherine Grenet held positions on various executive management committees, including the board of directors for Coca-Cola France where she served as Marketing-Strategy-Development Director.

This varied career path has given her the latitude to cultivate her ability to tune-in to the more discrete market intelligence, and to develop a solid Business to Client marketing expertise in addition to an intimate first-hand knowledge of team dynamics and complex governance issues.

As a coach and consultant for the past 12 years, Catherine Grenet has accompanied executives, executive committees and their organizations in companies of various sectors and sizes: subsidiaries of large groups, SMEs, and mid-caps in addition to start-ups.

More than willing to share her keen observations and insight and to contribute to the development of senior executive talent, Catherine Grenet has also become involved on a voluntary basis in several initiatives spanning more than 10 years including:

In the creation and leadership of an association of visual artists (Les Seize Anges) which exhibits at a gallery based in Paris and organizes many international exhibitions.

In supporting younger people from diverse backgrounds to help them secure access to fields of excellence.


Catherine Grenet is a graduate of the ESSEC Grande École.

She is a certified Transformance Pro and MBTI coach and is supervised monthly by Koan Coaching.

She is trained in Transactional Analysis, Human Element (W. Schutz), NLP, Clarification (C. Berner), Process Com, IFS (R. Schwartz) and is currently undergoing certification in Process Work / Dynamic Meeting (A. Mindell).

In addition to coaching, she provides intra-company training in management and communication to help create and grow a shared leadership and organisational culture.

Catherine Grenet regularly leads professional workshops within alumni associations and business circles.