Catherine Grenet

Associate director

The journey of Catherine Grenet

Using all her coaching experience and her leader’s career history, Catherine Grenet is convinced that every leader can build a rewarding career and promote genuine leadership, combining Meaning and Performance.

She supports leaders, management teams and organizations in their personal growth and collective intelligence to successfully take on challenges and seize opportunities in any complex environment!

Through a tailor-made service hand in hand with the managers and the collectives, she strives to:

  • Develop a meaningful leadership and bring out talents
  • Build trust and cohesion among the management team
  • Define a clear, inspiring and operational Vision (raison d’être, ambition, values carried out)
  • Make change possible and stimulate innovation
  • Allow individual potentials and the team’s energy and commitment to rise

She encourages new perspectives, cultivates clear and honest communication to prevent or solve conflicts, boosts the co-development of solutions and designs educational models of the changes needed to enhance participation.

Catherine always provides indulgent and accurate support, and uses meticulous but respectful methods to enable both individuals and collectives to permanently, confidently and autonomously grow.

“ An efficient team is not a team which does not have any problems, but one which knows how to solve them”.

Because she has taken on challenges for management teams, dealt with buyouts and team mergers, and brightly managed her career move, Catherine knows that those key moments can boost growth and commitment when seized with aspiration, audacity, responsibility and trust in time.

Aspiration, audacity, responsibility and trust: those values define her coaching methods and make her work passionately.

Her professional experience

Catherine has worked 23 years as Operations Manager: first in consulting and marketing research firms (Bossard Consultants, TN-AGB, Infratest-Burke) for clients such as Danone, Procter, l’Oréal, Orange, SNCF (French National Railway Company), and later she operated in the FMCG industry.

She has collaborated for 12 years with various executive teams, including Coca-Cola France, as Director of Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

Those experiences have enabled her to show strong expertise in weak signal identification, B2C marketing, team dynamics and corporate governance.

Over the last 12 years, as a coach and consultant, she has supported leaders, management teams and their organizations, within companies of all sizes and types: large groups’ subsidiaries, SMB, ISE or start-ups.

Because she wants to pass on knowledge and to continually develop talents, she has been volunteering for more than 10 years in:

  • Art: she leads an organization dedicated to plastic artists (Les Seize Anges) who work in a Parisian gallery and organize many international exhibitions.
  • The support of young people with a migrant background, helping them to take part in highly selective programs.

Her education

Catherine is an ESSEC Grande École graduate.

She is a Transformance Pro and MBTI certified coach and is monthly supervised by Koan Coaching.

She has also strong knowledge in transactional analysis, The Human Element (W. Schutz), NLP, Mind Clearing (C. Berner), Process Communication Model, IFS (R. Schwartz) and she is currently part of a certification program in Processwork/Worldwork (A. Mindell).

Besides the coaching, she provides intra-company management and communication training in order to develop a shared culture.

She regularly runs workshops for alumni associations or Leadership think thanks.