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Realise your full potential to take on new challenges

As your career partner, Cap Dirigeant is by your side at each step of your career path, along with the most effective best-practices in outplacement and coaching.

Whenever needed, you will find at Cap Dirigeant care, attention and professionalism to help you take new steps, free you of limitations and find the resources to challenge what’s next.

We will be your sparring partner for the full duration. You might request assessment at mid-career, maybe you will come back for coaching, either for yourself or your executive or senior team. You will have the opportunity to meet with peers regularly in our Executive Club. If you are currently embarking on a career transition, we can help you to go through it with calm, empathy and ambition, within the framework of an outplacement.

We won’t make it too complex either. At each stage of uncertainty, at Cap Dirigeant you will find a listening ear, renewed confidence and some “ooph”! In other words, you will find the necessary dynamics to chart the next stage of your professional journey.We understand first-hand the challenges as an executive, having we tackled them ourselves.

Our method of working alongside clients takes us right up-close to the major problems executives face on a daily basis. Their experience in addressing these obstacles is therefore personally enriching for our own experience too.

This is our singular point of difference at Cap Dirigeant: the richness of expertise and experience which combines and reinforces with each other.


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Cap Dirigeant, executive outplacement firm

Executive outplacement

Tomorrow belongs to you

Whether or not you have decided to leave your former job, the important thing is to choose what you want to do during this transition period. We are there to help you to make the best of this valuable time.

Our approach to outplacement mixes the energy of the collective intelligence of your peers with the individual support of a certified coach from our Team.

Throughout the process, you will have the time to pause and reflect on your career path, your strengths and your aspirations. You will have the chance to expand your horizons during unique immersive experiences. You will define and develop your plans in detail. Then, you will be accompanied whilst developing your personal strategy and action plan.

Find a new direction, and much more…

At Cap Dirigeant, we know that all our clients will find a new direction matching their individual aspirations and goals.

The first priority is obviously to quickly define this new professional project: managing the timings, avoiding counterintuitive mistakes, implementing new approaches which have proven to be success whilst at the same time ensuring support is tailor-made to your circumstances…

Our mission at Cap Dirigeant is also to make sure that this approach results not only in a concrete result but also forms part of a learning process.

Whether it is about launching your consulting activity, creating or acquiring a company or working in a new role for a different company, our aim is the same: ensuring you reach your objective and are enhanced by the experience.

So, what would you like to do during this period of career transition? Discover how to value your path? Getting to the next level in your next steps? Connecting yourself more to the professional world of tomorrow? Giving a major inflexion to your professional project?

Our approach at Cap Dirigeant

An efficient approach to ensure you not only define and reach your immediate goals, but also attain a more fulfilling professional life. Our mission is to ensure that this process will be a step forward, matching your aspirations.


Completion of an in-depth assessment of your path, your skills and your aspirations.


Integration into an inspiring and caring community of executives to enable you to benefit from the strength of the collective.


Taking part in themed development workshops to benefit from a collective dynamic.


Coaching to develop your professional network, the cornerstone of your success.


Preparation to win in complex, changing, international and multicultural environments.

Strategic Career Assessment

Imagine tomorrow

Staying the course requires time and, on occasion, stepping back however, when you are an executive, you can easily be overwhelmed by the routine of day-to-day activities and quarterly results, to the point of forgetting your own direction.

To efficiently assess future opportunities, either internally or outside on the open-market, it is important to get an in-depth assessment of your career path and to reconnect with yourself and have clear ideas about your assets and aspirations.

To achieve this together, we work by your side with a structured method and personalised support.

This process allows you to align your professional project to your personal interests, so as to reset and make a fresh start:

  • your preferred operating modes, your strong points and your motivations over the years ahead
  • your achievements, your competencies and the environment which will enable you to reveal your talents
  • a realistic and concrete project which “looks like you”.
Bilan stratégique de carrière avec Cap Dirigeant
Executive coaching in Paris

Executive coaching

Tomorrow starts today

To embark upon in-depth transformations of their companies, executives are often impeded by time pressures, the risks taken for themselves or their structure, internal resistances, the loss of drive and motivation, the taking of difficult decisions, a change in culture or shareholders, or even changes of senior strategic stakeholders.

The success of dealing with these challenges depends on a change in the manner to tackle them. Coaching helps this process of change. In fact, when desire and goals are aligned, coaching has the maximum efficiency creating results which are concrete and sustainable at the same time.

Through this individual work, the executive will draw from their inner-self and liberate personal resources left dormant. This can be a powerful process which reveals a shift in attitudes in a specific given context. With progressive and consecutive coaching, executives can develop and permanently adopt a new authentic mind-set based on their own inner personal characteristics and personality type.

The carefully protected time and space for coaching allows:

  • Elevating understanding and developing new perspectives
  • Understanding better our own processes, driving forces and resources
  • Reinforcing confidence and decision-making ease
  • Rolling out an authentic, affirmed and assumed leadership
  • Communicating efficiently and arousing commitment

All the Cap Dirigeant associates are certified professional coaches.

Executive Teams Coaching

Tomorrow can only be built Together

To address the strategic challenges in a complex and uncertain environment, Executive teams must set the way and define the future of the company. They also have the responsibility to develop the collective intelligence of the organisation, that is essential to reach the targeted aims and be enduringly successful.

Around the chief executive, the managing team must confront the following objectives together:

  • Co-building and embedding an authentic company culture, which is as attractive as it is than operational: the raison-d’être, values and principles of management,
  • Articulating an ambitious vision and setting into strategic objectives,
  • Driving the necessary transformation for implementation,
  • Instilling meaning throughout the organisation and mobilising energies,
  • Creating the conditions for a successful operational deployment.

Our consultants are trained and certified in organisational coaching. All our coaching is tailor-made, taking into account your company’s culture and the current context.

This tailor-made accompaniment is built upon a relationship based on confidence, with coaching processes and methods enriched by the collective intelligence, and the rich expertise of our network of executives.

Coaching d'équipe de direction avec Cap Dirigeant
Let’s get to know each other and build the foundations for our success!



Let’s get to know each other and build the foundations for our success!

For any organization, it is fundamental that the experience and capabilities of its leadership team continue to be the best fit for the roles required to address the challenges ahead. For individuals, moreover, whether as part of a selection process or as part of a development program, assessment can be a valuable experience for both reflection and learning.

At Cap Dirigeant, therefore, we are committed to developing a deep understanding of the culture and requirements of the organisation, as well as maintaining an exceptional quality of experience throughout the assessment process including the feedback given for each individual being assessed.

Through preparatory work, competence and skill-based interviews, scenario-based exercises, personality or 360° questionnaires, we establish a mapping of each individual’s strengths and identify areas of consideration for further review. Results are presented and reviewed so that they become a key building block to further development thereby contributing to future success.

A customized individual coaching, a powerful team work, a passion for digital

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