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Our raison d’être

Let’s write your future today

Because the world is changing, and tomorrow is being built today, place yourself a step ahead with Cap Dirigeant.

Broaden your Executive Vision

In a changing world, the company is setting major new challenges: management of natural resources, sharing of value, digital transformation, customer requirements, employee engagement, internalization… We founded Cap Dirigeant to offer you the possibility not only to appraise these fundamental shifts but also to contribute fully to shaping them.

Becoming a connected, committed, respected executive

Committing oneself into the adventure of a company to be, is accepting the need to change your leadership style, to develop new skills, to share your vision based on deep resources. It is also giving meaning to your actions, acting without reserve and involving your teams to build the future together. In short, to be an effective player and not just a spectator of the world on the move.

Establishing long term governance

To hold in strong winds situation in those new complex units, anchoring has to be solid. It is a question of having the necessary hindsight to take every day the right decisions, to know how to anticipate, to develop management flexibility and intellectual agility, to create optimal conditions for oneself, but also for one’s employees, in order to catch the best opportunities. In other words, to adopt a posture leading to success.

The time is here and now.

Welcome to Cap Dirigeant!

Our Values



Like yourself, we prefer when things are moving, in the right direction at the right tempo. At Cap Dirigeant, we combine the effectiveness of well-proven methods with the power of collective intelligence, with one single aim: obtaining enduring results.



Because you are unique, so is your career direction. Our individual tailor-made approach aims at re-aligning the form and the content, the aims that you have and the reality of the market. Our team will help you find this point of perfect match. Your pace will be yours to set.



With us, you can count on an attentive team that will help you regain any lost confidence, in an environment that is both benevolent and attentive, and never pretentious.



We have the audacity to believe that transitions can be far reaching, if you commit yourself with the determination required. With us, you will dare to think bigger.



We are convinced that any change, no matter how uncomfortable, always brings opportunity. Every day we see the proof that we are right to believe. Come to Cap Dirigeant to find renewed impetus and positive energy.