Our firm

Our “raison d’être”

We are convinced that the best is yet to come, if you stay on track. Many companies must face major changes and need to rely on agile and daring profiles. Cap Dirigeant is willing to offer the executives innovation by using new technologies to help them reinvent themselves in a changing world.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Don’t leave your future to chance

In a changing, complex and multicultural business environment, we know that some choices are difficult to make and that nothing can ever be taken for granted. Whether you chose to leave your company or not, we know that the future is uncertain.

But is it a reason to leave your future to chance? Do you even believe in fate? We don’t.

At Cap Dirigeant, we believe in opportunities seized at the right moment. It is certainly not hazardous. A career, a direction, a new project, all of this requires preparations. And for this, you need a clear strategy and a precise action plan.

We help you choose your path

We take action at this point. To help you define goals and your own way to reach them. To take a step forward filled with strength and experience. To support you and create efficient synergies. To fully seize your career and your future.

At Cap Dirigeant, we don’t believe in fate. But we know that with a good strategy, courage and fearlessness, the best is yet to come. Tomorrow could be much more meaningful and rewarding to you, more consistent with your desires, genius and values. Tomorrow could be the best playground to reveal the best part of you and create a desirable world. Tomorrow it is also this.

Welcome to Cap Dirigeant!


Consideration to make you dare.

At Cap Dirigeant we assume our differences. Our coaching methods and our state of mind make the difference. You will experience it when we meet for the first time.



We love when it works, like you do. Without losing time. This is why we chose to collaborate with executives and leaders, who can evolve in a particularly powerful and spectacular way.


As former leaders, we value professionalism and the respect of everyone’s proficiency. We are experts in our field and work with the best partners when we need clarifications on a specific issue.


Change can sometimes be difficult to handle. It is essential to rely on attentive people who can help you regain self-confidence, in a friendly and warm environment.


Change is not always comfortable, but it can take you higher. Going for it, thinking big, growing up, opening new paths? We dare and we will take you with us.


It is a constant work to design a project made for you, to reveal your talents in key moments of your career. It is always better to add a cheer note to it. Together, we will spend great moments, work joyfully on your attitude and the prospects of your future.
We care, you dare