Aline Henry

Associate Director

About Aline Henry

“The best way forward is the route taken by your own steps” is the philosophy behind the approach Aline Henry takes with the executives and leaders that she supports.

Career journeys are often made in a series of long and straight paths, sometimes a broadening or narrowing of the way-ahead, with the occasional meander and at times a choice of direction to be taken.

Having herself taken different directions at various points throughout her career as a lawyer dealing in international contracts, as a media relations manager, and then consultant and coach in the automotive industry and subsequently in an executive coaching firm, Aline Henry is convinced that anything is possible given the courage to set-off with confidence.

Of dual nationality, French and German, and tri-lingual, speaking French, German, and English, Aline Henry has built her professional career within an international environment. She has accompanied leaders of various nationalities, in all three of her spoken languages, including members of executive committees and boards of directors.

Aline will accompany you with kindness, empathy and understanding both individually (Outplacement, career assessment and coaching) to discover the way ahead by choosing which direction suits you best and to set-off on a new path, or collectively with your team in order to take the most appropriate steps together.

Pragmatic, attentive and thoroughly optimistic, Aline Henry’s first-hand experience of success as well as the crises and storms that companies might experience allows her to understand the challenges faced by leaders in today’s global context.

Certified in change management, Aline Henry successfully engaged the business transformation that took place at Renault, as part of the Renault-Nissan Consulting practice.

When not in the office, Aline Henry is passionate about baroque music, having first played the flute at the age of five. She will accompany you, at your own tempo, to compose and then interpret the accompaniment to your professional life as accurately as possible.


Aline Henry has extensive experience in the world of business, including seventeen years within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance; first as a lawyer in international contracts, then as a media relations manager, specifically for the deployment of electric vehicles from 2008, and finally as leadership consultant and coach.

Aline has collectively coached over forty senior managers and their teams within Renault in the Renault Way Team Experience Program (Design, Marketing, Finance, RCI Banque, Engineering, etc.).

Aline is fully open to the inherent rich complexity of multicultural teams, in part due to her dual French and German culture and also due to her experience at the collaboration between French and Japanese automotive conglomerates during her seventeen years within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. During this time, Aline Henry was the Head of Communications for the Alliance at COP21, and also hosted a series of webinars on the strengths and cultural differences arising from strategies for collaboration.

Charitable commitments have also played an important role in her life, as a student in India with the Calcutta association From the Street to School, and with the Association of the Paralyzed in France (APF) to provide holidays for young people with disabilities.


2000: DESS in European business law Paris X, having read double French and German law (1993 – 2000 – Paris X and University of Münster)
1999: Magister Legum international business law University of Münster

2020: Professional coach certification at the Coaching Academy
2019: Certification in change management, Prosci/Nexum
2018: Team Coaching Certification, CEE Management
2017: Green Belt Certification, Renault-Nissan Consulting