Olivier de Clermont-Tonnerre


About Olivier de Clermont-Tonnerre

As Olivier would say, he supports senior managers at key points of their career as a “co-pilot” who helps them navigate through a particularly challenging time or to successfully reach a key milestone.

A seasoned professional development advisor, he is convinced that each transition can be addressed as a step in its own right within a career. He therefore strives to ensure that individuals emerge from outplacement with increased confidence and vision.

With various types of strategic career assessment Oliver offers the opportunity to step-back and put career paths thus-far into perspective, anticipating next steps and areas for development, thereby being more fully prepared to recognize and seize future opportunities.

His interest in coaching started in 2003. His approach is practical and operational, the objective being that individuals regain room for manoeuvre, with increased scope and capability in their roles without compromising their values.

Olivier uses tools such as metaphorical exercises, personality tests, 360° feedback, and co-development, to respond simply and effectively to problems faced by individual managers or the executive team as a whole.

He has always considered that self-awareness as an essential prerequisite for progress: he implements evaluation systems to support HR teams and managers in their recruitment and mobility objectives.


Olivier has divided his professional life between enterprise and consulting.

By embarking upon in management and organizational consulting, Olivier became increasingly aware of his interest in “human potential” and the contribution of individuals towards the success of company transformation projects.

He joined the Bel Group to take part in major structuring projects throughout Europe before taking on increased responsibilities within the group’s finance department, notably by creating the customer risk management function.

Returning to consulting, he became a head-hunter, within Alexandre Tic, then subsequently Horton International, before moving towards the coaching and outplacement of managers within the firm « Homme & Mobilité ». He was named partner at Atomos Conseil, which joined Cap Dirigeant in 2023.

He is co-author of two texts published in French “Succeeding in your recruitment interview” (2009) and “Keys to business etiquette” (2010).


Olivier is an engineer, having graduated from ESTP, and complemented his training with an MBA at IAE in Paris.

Since 2003, he has followed several training courses in systems, co-development and coaching. He has been a coach, certified by International Mozaïk, since 2011 and completed several years of training on the strategic systemic approach of the Palo Alto School at the Grégory Bateson Institute in Paris and Liège.

A member of the EMCC, he is also certified in the use of the Sosie test and MBTI I and II.