Bénédicte Gariel

Associate Director

The Career Path Of Bénédicte Gariel

“Accepting to get out of your comfort zone in order to develop your growing zone”: this is what defines Bénédicte Gariel’s approach in the way she accompanies Executives at key stages of their career, in particular when they are facing periods of transition or change.

She invites them to overcome the fears and uncertainty associated with these situations, in order to offer them the possibility to successfully meet new challenges and develop their potential.

Her ability to bring out what is unique while differentiating within each of them is the booster of their success. In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, they will be able to develop an authentic and impactful positioning to win the game.

Bénédicte Gariel accompanies leaders at key stages of their career, particularly when they are facing periods of transition or change.

Her benevolence without complacency allows the leader to be listened to and understood while remaining challenged to accelerate the dynamics of transformation and reach their objectives.

Her ability to bring out what is unique while differentiating in each of them will help them find their own winning positioning in relation to their objective.

The specificity of her approach: approaching the professional transition of the Executive as a project to launch a product or a very high-end service in a highly competitive market. She relies on the keys to success in marketing and sales, areas in which she has spent her entire professional career, as well as on the best outplacement techniques.

Beyond her skills and experience, Bénédicte also offers who she is: her energy and pragmatism accompany her clients, as well as her unwavering faith in their ability to reach their full potential, whatever their story or situation. Her commitment to them is constant throughout their journey.
Bénédicte coaches in French and English, and works with executives from different organizational models (agile structures, ETI or CAC 40) and business sectors.

Her professional experiences

Bénédicte’s career has always been guided by the notion of development. In the companies for 15 years, her commercial functions led her to open or develop successfully large accounts such as L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Danone … and new activities (Digital, New Business).

On a personal level, she successfully initiated a career change, leaving the company world to put her skills at the service of the career development of Managers.

As an entrepreneur, she first worked for an outplacement firm in Paris before moving to London to create her own coaching structure, Dare-Yourself. There she accompanied members of the French and international community in their professional transition, job search and career development. She also developed a solid network, and now offers her French clients the benefit of her Anglo-Saxon know-how in self-esteem and job search techniques.

Her Education

Bénédicte has completed her initial training (EDHEC and Master II in Marketing) with specific coaching trainings: she is an HEC certified executive coach, and she is also certified in Codevelopment as well as in the Disc and MBTI personality inventories.
Bénédicte is a regular speaker on the subject of personal marketing and job search.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of EDHEC Alumni UK where she develops a career offer, and of the AICC HEC (International Association of HEC Certified Coaches) as co-leader of its International Commission.